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Lys Arango is a Spanish journalist and photographer born in Madrid and based in Paris.  Graduated in International Relations from the University of Liverpool, holds a master's degree in "Armed conflict and peace processes" from the London School of Economics, and a master's degree in journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Lys has worked as a freelance since 2016, on assignments for the United Nations, NGOs and the international press in numerous conflict zones and humanitarian or food crises. In 2019, her work evolves towards a dialogue between writing and documentary photography, resulting from long immersion in the thickness of the historical-cultural contexts and the social issues she addresses.

Her work has been published by CNN, Al Jazeera, The Independent, BBC News, The Huffington Post, LFI, El País Semanal, ABC, La Vanguardia, El Salto, Marie Claire Magazine, El Mundo…

Awards and Recognition

2023 - POYi - Environmental Vision Award First Place Winner

2022 - La Bibliothèque nationale de France. Radioscopie de la France Grant

2022 - New York Portfolio Review   

2021 L' Agence VU' et Le Fonds Régnier pour la Creation - Mentorat 

2021 - EAW National Geographic Award  

2021 - XXXIV Eddie Addams Workshop   

2021 - Andrei Stenin International Photo Competition - Honorable Mention of the Jury  

2020 - Alexia Grant Finalist    


2022 -  The Spanish Cultural Center of Guatemala  (Guatemala City)

2022 - Zoom Photo Festival (Quebec, Canada)

2022 - Galerie VU' (Paris, France)

2022 - Acampa Photo Festival (A Coruña, Spain)

2022 - Leica Gallery - Horizonte Environmental Photo Festival (Zingst, Germany)

2021 - Les Femmes s’exposent Photo Festival (Normandy, France).

Contact Me

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